Core Competencies For Community Health Workers

Communication Skills

  • Listening
  • Use Language Confidently and Appropriately
  • Ability to Read and Write Well Enough to Document Activities

Capacity Building Skills

  • “Empowerment” Ability to Identify Problems and Resources to Help Clients Solve Problems
  • Leadership
  • Ability to Strategize
  • Ability to Motivate

Organizational Skills

  • Ability to Set Goals and Plan
  • Ability to Juggle Priorities and Manage Time
  • Knowledge Base of Specific Health Issues
  • Broad Knowledge About the Community

Interpersonal Skills

  • Counseling
  • Relationship Building
  • Ability to Work as a Team Member
  • Ability to Work Appropriately with Diverse Groups of People

Advocacy Skills

  • Ability to Speak Up for Individuals or Communities and Withstand Intimidation
  • Ability to Use Language Appropriately
  • Ability to Overcome Barriers

Knowledge About Specific Health Issues

  • Broad Knowledge About the Community
  • Knowledge About Specific Health Issues
  • Knowledge of Health and Social Service Systems
  • Ability to Find Information

Service Coordination Skills

  • Ability to Identity and Access Resources
  • Ability to Network and Build Coalitions
  • Ability to Provide Follow-Up

Teaching Skills

  • Ability to Share Information One-On-One
  • Ability to Master Information, Plan and Lead Classes, and Collect and Use Information from Community People